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Our company participated in the enlargement meeting of the boron chemical industry forum and the director of the boron chemical

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2018/03/16 10:38
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Company chief engineer Liu Guangcai 2 comrades, from October 29, 2013 to November 2nd in the director of boron chemical industry development forum and Chinese Salt Industry Association branch to expand the boron chemical conference sponsored by the boron chemical branch and Kashi area administrative office "in Xinjiang Kashi". Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Dalian University of Technology, Shenyang Chemical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Qinghai Saline Lake Research Institute and Dandong Chemical Research Institute and other 6 colleges, the Xinjiang, Kashi area administrative office and other 7 government departments, 25 enterprises in Dalian Jinma group from across the country attended the meeting. On the meeting, listen to the Tsinghua University professor Dong Limin, vice president of Dalian University of Technology Ning Guiling and other 8 experts on the "China boron chemical industry status quo and development trend," "China's boron resources industry development needs of" technological innovation ", nuclear power and new materials development of boron products demand analysis", "B fine chemical products market prospect analysis and forecast" and other seminars, my company at the meeting in writing introduces the boron -10 isotope separation project, the meeting also examined the relevant local enterprises. At the meeting, the company participants and well-known experts and entrepreneurs had extensive contacts and exchanges, and established friendly relations, laying the foundation for further learning, communication and cooperation in the future. At the same time, we have further understood and grasped the relevant information of the boron -10 project, which provides the basis for the decision of the next step of the project. In a word, by taking part in the conference, the purpose of broadening the field of vision, obtaining information, understanding the market, increasing knowledge and making friends are achieved.