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Inspecting investigation and investigation of governor Wang Xiankui

Leadership care
2018/03/16 11:00
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In October 29, 2010, Wang Xiankui, the governor of the people's Government of Heilongjiang Province, visited our company's anda production base for inspection and investigation.
After inspecting the factory area, workshop and asking for relevant information, Wang Xiankui governor emphasized that the rapid development of regional economy should focus on the development and construction of the park, and make good use of the projects of the enterprises in the area to do well the articles on the upstream and downstream projects of the industrial chain. Will the industry chain related project complete, the dry pressing net project. Enterprises should also fully understand the new projects, extend the industrial chain continuously, strive for the greatest development space for enterprises, maximize their advantages and maximize the value-added effect. To take advantage of the opportunity Time will not wait for me. enterprises bigger and stronger, gradually advancing to the internationalization, modernization and science. He also made a great deal of hope for our company. The main leaders of Suihua and anda were inspected and investigated.