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Start production of cephalosporin intermediate project in our company

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2018/03/16 10:45
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The morning of November 17, 2010, the Petroleum Chemical Industry Park Development Zone anda ball flying, salute. The cephalosporin intermediate project in the production base of Hao Yun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in the park was formally put into production. The four leading groups in Anda City, Li Hui, Huang Lingxin, Feng Weiquan, Lu Yuan, and related leaders, came to the start ceremony.
Li Hui, the deputy secretary and mayor of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, pressed the production start-up device. Since then, the fine chemical cephalosporin antibiotic intermediate project has been put into operation since then. The project is launched formally. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is Li Hui.
The cephalosporin intermediate project of Hao Yun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. started construction in June. Projects include environmental hazardous waste disposal for solvent recovery and 7-ACT and TDA projects. The production of the two phase of the project has a positive role in promoting the "double billion" project in Anda City.