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The first appearance of Chinese medicine in Boao forum Li Zhaoxing strong!

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2018/03/16 10:43
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In March 27th, a theme of "facing the future: internationalization of Chinese medicine" was held at the Boao forum for Asia. This is the first issue of the issue of Chinese medicine on the Boao forum.
Known as the "Davos of Asia" in Boao how the fire? Dozens of foreign leaders, more than 80 ministerial officials, 65 Fortune 500 company president in total from 49 countries, nearly 3000 delegates gathered in Hainan on March 26th Chinese, the scale of the 2015 annual meeting of the Boao forum for Asia more than ever.
This year, the first breakfast of Boao forum is "facing the future: the internationalization of Chinese medicine". This is the first voice of the Chinese medicine industry at the national level forum. China's former foreign minister Li Zhaoxing's speech at the breakfast meeting was the focus of today's hot debate.
"Lin Songtian (director of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will he put a traditional Chinese medicine, Jiamusi traditional Chinese medicine introduced to his country to do health care practitioners to the president, the president of Chinese thank extremely, the original can not move, then when I visit the saying 'thank you give me medicine to cure the disease now, I would like to have a table tennis match and you. "This is the miracle of traditional Chinese medicine." Li Zhaoxing, the former Foreign Minister of China, said.
Li Zhaoxing said that he was particularly fond of traditional Chinese medicine. When he was a child, he was born ill and was saved by the grandfather of the Chinese medicine. Li Zhaoxing has revealed that he has worked in Africa for nine years, where the most popular Chinese people are Chinese medicine.
"It is the first time that Chinese medicine has entered the global international forum, taking this opportunity to make the world pay attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine and to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to the world with far-reaching significance." Chen Mingming, President of the international exchange and Cooperation Branch of the Chinese National Medical Association, said. After more than 10 years, the Boao Forum on Asia has become an important platform for China to expound China's position, China and Asia and all over the world.
Deputy director of the State Planning Commission, director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine Wang Guoqiang said that at the national level for promoting the internationalization of Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the work of the Chinese traditional medicine work into the overall situation, in the overall situation, serving the overall situation, improve the contribution rate and provide great opportunities to the hitherto unknown display. He revealed that the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine is studying and formulating strategic planning for promoting the going out of traditional Chinese medicine.
Up to now, traditional Chinese medicine has spread to 171 countries in the world. According to the WHO statistics, Chinese medicine has worked in Australia, Canada, Austria, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa and other 29 countries and regions in the form of legislation is recognized by the state or local government, 18 countries and regions of Chinese medicine into the medical insurance.
Can not be avoided, although the "going out" and remarkable achievements, including the national level also issued a "effective measures" several opinions on promoting Chinese medicine service trade, but the current Chinese medicine to the international process, still facing Western standard dispute, overseas registration and other difficult bottleneck, safe and effective traditional Chinese Medicine is still controversial in some areas.
In the view of China Academy of Engineering Dean China academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Boli, the key to solve these problems is to rely on the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology development and progress, he suggested that the development of Chinese medicine mentioned in the national strategic level, "Chinese now have the capacity, should also be described in traditional Chinese medicine is scientific and effective in the treatment of health to the world".
According to him, the last more than 10 years, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine made outstanding achievements, from raw materials to extract preparation, stability, product quality control level and clinical evaluation level are greatly improved; a number of modern Chinese enterprises have sprung up, a number of emerging varieties of traditional Chinese medicines. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 kinds of varieties with annual sales of over billion yuan.