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Li Keqiang met with glaxosmik CEO and said, "let it go by the past."

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2018/03/16 10:42
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When Li Keqiang shook hands with An Weijie, the chief executive of the GlaxoSmithKline Co, Li Keqiang laughed and said, "it used to be in the past. I hope you will continue to strengthen cooperation with China in the legal framework. "
In March 21st, Chinese Development Forum 2015 annual meeting, GlaxoSmithKline CEO Jason mentioned in his speech: "we learned in the past two years, especially China. We must learn from the lessons of the past to ensure that corporate decision-making is consistent with China's health care reform. "
The morning of March 23rd, Premier Li Keqiang met to participate in the annual meeting of the foreign delegates and discussion, have an interesting conversation with: "let it in the past.
Premier Li Keqiang's "question and answer party" was named Zhao Guohua, and the first questioner was Ke Ailun, all of them are Chinese surnames, but this is a totally foreign affairs meeting. Zhao Guohua is the Chinese name taken by the chairman and chief executive of Schneider electric group. He is chairman of DuPont Co, chief executive officer and chairman of the US China Trade Committee. Together with them, there are "An Weijie", "Luo Rui Lan" and so on.
International business "big brothers" who are keen to take a "tunnel" Chinese, or it can be regarded as a silhouette of Chinese open; and the prime minister in the morning in the Great Hall of the people in the meeting is "Chinese Development Forum 2015 annual meeting of the foreign representative, and frank answer their questions, and it is a show a positive China tolerance and open policy.
One of the important details is that after the meeting, Li Keqiang went out and talked with the two business people of the business school in English. When he shook hands with An Weijie, the chief executive of the GlaxoSmithKline Co, the prime minister laughed and said, "the past has made it pass." I hope you will continue to strengthen cooperation with China in the legal framework. "
The global pharmaceutical giant, who had been caught in a bribe scandal in China, was fined by a huge fine. This is regarded as one of the landmark events in China to deal with the relationship with foreign capital.
In fact, at the beginning of the meeting, the first question was about the role of foreign capital. Ke Ailun wants to know what role foreign investment and technology can play in the new normal process of China's economy.
Li Keqiang said that China's economy has entered the new normal. It can not be separated from the background of world economic change. The downturn of world economic recovery has forced the Chinese economy to go out of a new path. China's economy is moving towards the middle and high end. It must be actively adapted to the adjustment of the structure. It is important to promote the service industry. China's service industry is inexperienced in many fields, especially in the middle and high end areas. To further develop the service industry, the inflow of foreign capital in some areas should be opened. Of course, China's open access to foreign investment in service industry is an orderly, step by step, in order to form a win-win situation.
As a big manufacturing country, China has been a concern for the prime minister to move the manufacturing industry into the middle and high end. He said, "we will have more demand for foreign high-end technology and products. I hope that many governments here can relax restrictions on China's export of high technology and products.