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Public indication of rectify and rectification of safety hidden danger

Enterprise News
2018/03/16 10:40
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Our company issued the following instructions on the order of rectification of the Suihua Bureau in April 20, 2015:
1, the catalyst workshop (502) the electric hoist height limiting device failure, the car two to no terminal limiter. There is no protective cover for the centrifuge wheel.
Rectification situation: remove electric hoist, protective cover has been completed.
2. The "safety operation points" should be pasted on the work position and key device according to the six regulations of the enterprise safety production risk announcement.
Rectification: it has been suspended in the post.
3. The function of flammable and on-the-spot flammable and toxic gas detection and alarm data for 30 days without continuous recording (HF)
Rectification situation: completed
4. The smoke sulphuric acid storage tank does not realize the function of the liquid level information to the control room.
Rectification situation: installed
5, the combustible liquid storage tank according to the single tank single dike set fire dike or fire dike.
Rectification: the cofferdam should be built in the tank area to ensure a single jar and a single levee.
6, according to the characteristics of the process, each reaction kettle should be conformed to the pressure relief measures, such as safety valves or explosion-proof tablets, which may have overtemperature overpressure.
Rectification situation: the equipment has been checked out in the factory area, and the explosion-proof sheet has been installed.
7. The safety management of the foreign contractor is not in place, and the Contractor's operating personnel are not trained strictly. The implementation of cofferdam operation permit system is not strict, and lifting operation is less than 10 tons, which affects the smooth access of main channel in the plant area, and fails to handle the open circuit operation ticket when required.
Rectify the situation: revise and formulate the management system and contract of the outsourced business, strengthen the education of the foreign builders, and make a record of the training. There are many leaders in the workshop to carry out a meeting to communicate, and to strengthen the implementation and implementation of the formalities for the operation tickets.
8, do not implement the party with responsibility for the implementation of the requirements, a pair of requirements.
Rectification: (for Safety Supervision Office [2015] No. 27) the relevant provisions of the amendment to the original post responsibility system.
The operating procedures established in 10 and 2012 should be reviewed and revised at least once every three years.
Rectification: have to convene the relevant technical personnel to review the existing rules, and bound issued.
11, special equipment has been tested, but the account is not recorded in time.
Rectification: it has been recorded.
12, undetected HF storage tank inspection report and certificate of qualification.
Rectification situation: in May 2015, the quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Anda City has been invited to test the HF storage tank, and the test is qualified.