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Major achievements in the boron -10 isotope separation project of the company

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2018/03/16 10:37
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Our company's 10B isotope separation project began in 2008, and was studied by many experts. It actively explored and tackled together. It lasted for 5 years. After a small pilot and pilot test, 10B and boric acid have been produced and tested by authoritative departments.
10B is the best material to shield neutrons and rays. It can capture neutrons and rays effectively and protect people from radiation in the product. Therefore, it is widely used in the nuclear industry, the defense industry, medicine, the electronics industry and other special industries.
At present, all 10B isotopes used in China rely on imports, and import prices are expensive. With the advent of the third generation nuclear power plant fast neutron reactor era, the industrial production of 10B isotopes has been urgently required. Therefore, the success of the project and put into production, formed a complete industrial chain technology, can greatly improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, more important is to fill the gaps in China's 10B isotope products, meet the national strategic emerging industries, accelerate the construction of China's nuclear power, defense, medical and electronic industries. The pace of its social and political significance of immeasurable.